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A Christian Literary Series



Jesus Freak fought against great odds in his last adventure and emerged victorious, but his marriage may have suffered a devastating blow. Now, he must try to mend it while staying obedient to his calling. However, this time he may be in over his head. What can he do when his enemy is not one but two supervillains with overwhelming powers? Can he remain strong even though the police themselves are outmatched? Will faith be enough? And even if it is, will Jesus Freak have enough faith to get through this gauntlet of supervillains?

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Nicholas J. Tatum is a native Houstonian and the youngest of three (3) siblings. He graduated from the High School of Law Enforcement and earned an associate in science at Houston Community College. He is known for his oratory skills, quick wit...[click here to continue]

Book #3: Jesus Freak: Vs The Shield

A mad man has been kidnapping and torturing priest and preacher and now his eye
on Jesus Freak. To make matters worse, That Really Bad Gang’s leader, Tolley, has finally set
his plan for revenge on Jesus Freak in full motion. Meanwhile, our hero has to use his detective
lls to try and track down a missing scientist. With so much going on, another hero may have
to step in and help Jesus Freak but is he really a hero? Even that is just the beginning. Join
Jesus Freak as he takes on old enemies, new friends, and even a possessed power-hungry
politician in this epic adventure.

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