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Jesus Freak Paperback.png

Chad is an ordinary guy called by God to be a superhero even though neither his pastor, his wife, nor he himself believes that to be a calling. He has no superpowers or abilities to speak of, and to make matters worse, the world is full of supervillains that do. And if he tells God yes, where does he start? Faith, fears, inadequacies, twists, chance meetings, awkward moments, victories and tragic losses propel the story forward and pull you in. This adventurous, emotional, and thrilling origin story of a superhero is sure to entertain you and show you what trusting in God truly means. What would you do if God called you to be something that you never thought you could be? What if that thing was something that you have never even heard of God calling anyone to be and it could cost you your life? Would you follow his leading anyway? Sometimes, it is easier said than done. Just ask Chad.




K. Robinson

Jesus Freak is a refreshing read.  It is a story for this day and time!

C. Comer

Jesus Freak is an exciting take on walking with God.  It reinforces your faith while captivating your interest.

J. Dillard

A must read book for anyone who loves exhilarating, heroic tales! What a fresh, imaginative approach to a superhero story!

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