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About the Author


Nicholas J. Tatum is a native Houstonian and the youngest of three (3) siblings. He graduated from the High School of Law Enforcement and earned an associates in science at Houston Community College. He is known for his oratory skills, quick wit, and bright mind, but most of all for his devotion to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Growing up, Nicholas was an avid cartoon, comic, and Bible reader. This unusual combination of interests has proven to be more than just devotion and relaxation; it has led Nicholas to some unique ministry and personal opportunities—including consulting, writing, producing, and directing many Christian projects. He has even worked on musical projects, Christian comics, and dramatic audio presentations. Nicholas’s interests don’t stop there. He has obtained his black belt in Chun Kuk Do, served simultaneously as both vice president of a local chapter and as area governor of Toastmasters International, achieved a Master Peace Officer status with Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, cofounded Critical Conversations (which was used for leadership training on various occasions at the University of Houston), and was honored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Currently, Nicholas serves on the pastoral staff at Christ Worship Center (of Houston, Texas) where he has served as the director of the Transitional Crew (ages 18–34), pastor of the youth department, and presently leads the Office of Member Fellowship and Consecration. Nicholas is a devoted family man with a wife and three boys. You will always find him doing his best to make a happy home for his children through family prayer, consistent church attendance coupled with cartoons and comics, which have made Nicholas the interesting character that he is.

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