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Current and Upcoming Adventures

of Jesus Freak


Book #1: Jesus Freak: The Reluctant Hero

Chad is an ordinary guy called by God to be a superhero even though neither his pastor, his wife, nor he himself believes that to be a calling. He has no superpowers or abilities to speak of, and to make matters worse, the world is full of supervillains that do. And if he tells God yes, where does he start? Faith, fears, inadequacies, twists, chance meetings, awkward moments, victories and tragic losses propel the story forward and pull you in. This adventurous, emotional, and thrilling origin story of a superhero is sure to entertain you and show you what trusting in God truly means. What would you do if God called you to be something that you never thought you could be? What if that thing was something that you have never even heard of God calling anyone to be and it could cost you your life? Would you follow his leading anyway? Sometimes, it is easier said than done. Just ask Chad.

Book #2: Jesus Freak: Greater is the Power

In his last adventure, Jesus Freak fought against great odds and came out victorious, but his marriage may have suffered a devastating blow. Now he will have to try and mend it but also keep being obedient to his calling. This time he may be in over his head though. What can he do when his enemy is not one but two super villains with overwhelming powers? Can he hold strong even though police themselves are outmatched? Will faith be enough? Even if it is enough, will Jesus Freak have enough faith to get through this gauntlet of supervillains?


Book #3: Jesus Freak: Vs The Shield

A mad man has been kidnapping and torturing priest and preacher and now his eye on Jesus Freak. To make matters worse, That Really Bad Gang’s leader, Tolley, has finally set his plan for revenge on Jesus Freak in full motion. Meanwhile, our hero has to use his detective skills to try and track down a missing scientist. With so much going on, another hero may have to step in and help Jesus Freak but is he really a hero? Even that is just the beginning. Join Jesus Freak as he takes on old enemies, new friends, and even a possessed power-hungry politician in this epic adventure.


Books #4: Jesus Freak: Final Showdown

A secret society of with sinister schemes has captured Jesus Freak’s alter ego. The only thing that is keeping him alive is a case of mistaken identity. Can he keep up the ruse long enough to survive and complete his objective or will all havoc break loose on him. Just because he is captured does not mean that crime has stopped in Bethlehem. In fact, elements from the Lawless Zone have boldly come out and captured a prominent city figure head. Can our hero survive his own abduction and deal with the needs of the city? In this adventure, Jesus Freak will face off against his toughest opponent yet and possibly put an end to his feud with That Really Bad Gang, but what will it cost him and the city? 

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